Diagnostic Facilities


We have a powerful xray machine suitable for all sizes of animals from hamsters to horses. We are able to undertake more specialised investigative procedures such as barium meals, intravenous urography (to study the urinary system), myelography (to study spinal chord problems) and angiography (to study blood vessels and heart). Mr. Lehner additionally holds the post-graduate qualification of ‘certificate in radiology’


Our laboratory is run by Pauline our National Health Service trained technician. Being on-site it allows blood counts, biochemistry, electrolytes and other tests to be performed with same-day results, avoiding delays for your pet. This is of course invaluable when treating emergencies

Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound scanning is increasingly used to aid diagnosis of illnesses in a non-invasive way, often without the need for any sedation or anaesthetics. Common uses are assessment of heart disease, womb infections (pyometra) and monitoring pregnancy in small animals and in horses. Our latest scanner has doppler capabilities, used to aid certain scans of the heart and vascular system


Electrocardiograms (ECG), xrays and ultrasound scanning are used to aid the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions


We have 2 fibre optic endoscopes which allow internal organs such as the stomach, intestines and wind pipe to be viewed directly without the need for surgery .


Alison Somers holds the certificate in veterinary ophthalmology (eye diseases. We have therefore invested in specialised equipment for diagnosing and treating eye diseases. The slit lamp and indirect ophthalmoscopes allow highly magnified examination of eyes and our operating microscope is used for both diagnosis and surgical operations on eyes.

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