Surgical & Anaesthetic Facilities



We are well equipped to carry out all standard operations on site. We will gladly talk you through all surgical procedures beforehand to minimise your concerns when your pet is with us.

Specific equipment includes:

ASIF and External fixation for repair of fractures by internal or external fixation with plates or pins.

Cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen) to treat some forms of skin tumours.

Electosurgery used for cautery during routine operations and for removal of skin warts as well as electolysis of abnormal eyelashes (distichiasis)

Operating Microscope Ė high powered magnification for delicate operations e.g. removal of thorns from eyes


We realise leaving your pet at the hospital for any procedure, especially an anaesthetic is worrying. Please ask if you would like to know more about your petís individual anaesthetic. Our facilities include:

Pre-anaesthetic Blood Screens; to check the kidneys, liver and for anaemia before the anaesthetic is given

Modern gas anaesthesia. Halothane is routinely used and isoflurane is available for high risk patients. We have 4 gas anaesthetic units so several procedures can occur simultaneously. These units are also used to administer oxygen therapy to critically ill animals

Anaesthetic monitoring; whilst nursing staff closely monitor all anaesthetics, additional heart monitoring equipment and a pulse oximeter to measure the oxygen levels in the blood are available for high risk patients.

Incubator; our paediatric incubator is used for many small animals recovering from anaesthetics

Dentistry. Dental disease is common in dogs and cats and is an important part of our work. We have modern equipment for ultrasonic descaling and polishing of teeth and performing extractions. Occasionally we will use the services of a human dentist if specialised procedures are required

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